Taking Care of Ourselves and Each Other As We Age


Along the Path of Caring

   Caring Brings us to the Moment at Hand

Care givers are challenged daily to deal with the unexpected. Accepting change and adapting to whatever arises shapes the path of caring.  Stepping over the edge of the known and into the unknown requires courage, trust and ingenuity.  Engaging with the moment at hand with an open heart and a willing presence  Strengthens empathy, compassion and awareness.

Steps toward Compassionate Caring

Cultivate mindfulness– As a tool to return awareness to the present.

Trust the present moment– Accept whatever arises right now. Offer your compassionate attention.

Stretch into the unknown– Remain flexible, adaptable and open to anything, without expectation.

 “Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord find harmony. In difficulty lies opportunity.” –A. Einstein

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