The Path to Caring

The First Path

Caring for Self

“Mindfulness of the body, is the body’s mindfulness.”  Yoga provides tools for helping ourselves. For  healing the body, integrating the mind and recovering the spirit of joy.  Meditation increases our capacity for compassion by dissolving perceived barriers between people and increasing acts of virtue toward others. Through the practice of caring for ourself we develop self-compassion and self-awareness. As mindfulness increases so does our capacity to respond to the suffering of others.

The Second Path 

A Calling to CARE

What do you care about?  Caring asks us to pay attention to suffering but requires only that we do what we can.  Perfection is not required.  Guidance comes from the perspective of a still mind, observation of the situation and investigation of doubts. We are simply asked to cultivate and trust our innate gifts and accept our short comings as we move deeper into the journey of caring.

The Third Path

CARE into Action

Compassion is not only the awareness of suffering in ourselves and others, compassion requires us to do something about it.  Action begins with intention. We organize our energy around an intention, align our resources and focus our attention on that which we are called to do. We act to the best of our ability, unattached to outcome. We do what we can, with what we have.


 “We can not do great things in this world. We can only do small things with great love.”–Mother Theresa